marketers and pharma companies would love for us to believe is the answer that all these other things weren’t. Originally known for inducing labor and facilitating breast feeding, Oxycotin is now sold in nasal spray form and is claimed to be the new substance that can help couples restore a sense of warmth, trust and closeness as well as a man’s fidelity. As long as both parties in a relationship continue to inhale this “cuddle spray,” their ability to be more friendly, committed and trusting of one another increases.
If you’re an adult and the kind of idiot who commits the illegal act of sleeping with a teenage girl, don’t get caught. If you’re out drinking, and you’re the kind of idiot who can’t hold his tongue back when he’s had one too many beers, don’t get drunk. And, if you’re the kind of idiot who goes out drinking and gets loose lipped with the equally intoxicated father of the underage girl that you’re cheating on your fiancé with, get ready to run for your life.
Teachers are given a precious role. Because they’ve been offered a delicate position to educate and to guide young people, we assume they've proven themselves to hold some level of integrity and intelligence. Even a substitute teacher is hired under the assumption that they can be trusted to, at least temporarily, act as guides, advisors and transient beacons of scholastic light. However, it appears that something has gone horribly wrong with the hiring system as of late. It seems that the only necessary credentials to “teach” today’s youth, is to be active on social media, a little bit slutty, and no smarter than the teenagers you work with.
Uma's role in it has not yet been revealed. Regardless of just how significant a part controversial Danish director Lars von Trier gives Ms. Thurman, there is certain to be masses of curios fans lining up to see just how far Uma and her colleagues are willing to go in the name of “art” or “porno” as von Trier jokingly labels it. There is truth in jest, of course, but just how much?